Podcast Production

Podcasting is a creative way to share information about your company, brand, employee training, and more in a format familiar to most…a radio program!

Anthony is a long-time podcaster. He started in 2004 and has hosted many podcasts since then on a variety of topics. He was one of the first “Godcasters” (a religious themed podcast) with a show called “The Breakaway Christian Music Podcast” and hosted the “Coffee Convo Podcast” for over 50 episodes.

That is to say, we have the expertise to help you achieve your podcast goals! Third Hour Media, LLC can:

  • Provide a professional voiceover talent for your host or advise you on being your own host.
  • Record and produce the entire podcast, including theme music and sound effects as appropriate.
  • Assist with online distribution, whether your podcast is for an internal only audience or external facing for the world to hear.
  • Provide consulting services if you would like to build your own podcast hosting studio for in-house production.